At MEI we are customer-driven. We listen and respond to tenant feedback in order to apply resources that result in satisfied customers — and a property’s success. We use these skills in three areas:


Leasing is the orderly application of time, resources and knowledge to attract and select the correct individual or organization to fill available client rental space. Efficient and effective space planning for office and industrial clients and proper apartment preparation for residential customers is given a high priority at MEI. Office and industrial leasing demands the skill of space planning. The ability to understand the needs of the customers and then fill those needs within the space available at reasonable cost.Apartment leasing is a most personal business. At MEI leasing agents are trained in the art of selling benefits not features in order to take advantage of each properties unique advantages.


Development brings together all of the diverse elements of real estate joined with vision and determination to complete a project. And no one is better equipped to perform market studies and site evaluation than MEI does since we are in the market daily working with customers and clients.


Sales of multi-unit real estate is generally held for the long term. When it does come time to market a property, you need a firm with the correct mix of salesmanship and business savvy. That is, people who can find the right buyer and present the property in a way that highlights both its strengths and potential for the future.

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