As a Building Owner or Board Member, you may sometimes wonder what the building staff is doing all day.  Below is an unedited email from a Building Administrator about one recent day.  

I thought you might get a chuckle.

Today I had a resident threaten to punch another resident right in the face, as the fist was waving, a tenant who gave me a notice to vacate two weeks ago, now did not want to leave the apartment, wanted to retract her vacate notice. I already have the apartment her rented and the applicant already gave her notice to her landlord. (Resolved with many phone conversations to a caseworker at Area Agency on Aging).

A tenant then told me she wanted to commit suicide.  Another call to Aging, and it was resolved.

There was a smoldering fire in the mulch over by the benches. (I extinguished it.)

The fire alarm inspector was here today but the key for the elevator was not in our office and the elevator was down for about 10 minutes.  A rash of residents entered my office. (Smoothed that over).

A resident sold furniture to another tenant and then wanted it back. She has her furniture back, now she wants to sell it again. (Her problem) LOL

Another resident wants us to change the lights under the parking canopy so she does not have to deal with the little bugs at night. She also wants us to clean her car off daily and call the building next door to tell them, not ask them, to cut down their trees because last week, they were swaying in the wind and they might fall and hit the building.

Another resident wants us to pay her electric becuae she is constantly running for her air conditioner because she is afraid to open her windows on the 5th floor because she might see a spider outside. (Resolved).

Needless to say there was no office productivity for me today. I am going home and having a drink and it will not be water  Lol

Just needed to share.


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