While John was performing a task outdoors, he spied a woodchuck running along the backside of the building and ramming its little head into the bricks. Was it inebriated? Rabid? Poisoned? Deranged? Not at all.

The woodchuck had his head and neck stuck in a peanut butter jar! It couldn’t see and was probably suffering from oxygen deprivation.

John, being the outdoorsman that he is, decided that if he didn’t do something the woodchuck would certainly die. At that moment, he looked across the court and saw some men working on the apartment house next door. He yelled over to them, explained the problem and asked if they had a drop cloth handy. They did and immediately ran over to help.

They made a deal with him: They would throw the drop cloth over the woodchuck and hold him down, if John would pull the peanut butter jar off of his head.

With only minutes to spare, the deal was made, the drop cloth was thrown over the little animal and one of the workmen grabbed hold of the woodchuck’s body while John began to pull and pull, then twist and twist (yes, twist) until it suddenly popped off.

They all ran!

Instead of the woodchuck attacking them, as they had feared, the little thing lay in the grass long enough to make them think that it had died. Suddenly, though, it regained its strength and scampered away.

All in the day’s work of a Webster Towers’ Building Engineer!

Actual photo of the woodchuck with its head and neck stuck in a peanut butter jar!

The above published in the March issue of the Journal of Property Management, written by Webster Towers Building Administrator, Kay Danzico.

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